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Stream, Lake, and Pond Biological and Habitat Assessments

Measure Ecological Health and Sustainability of Aquatic Ecosystems

Being an SFS taxonomically certified lab assures that you receive sound biological data to measure and monitor water quality. This is especially useful to ensure that any land clearing or construction projects do not degrade nearby aquatic ecosystems. These assessments are also a great way to measure and improve an aquatic ecosystem to provide the most productive and sustainable habitat for recreational fishing

Stream Origin Calls and Delineations

Discover where a Stream Originates & Determine if it is Perennial, Intermittent or Ephemeral

Determining where a stream begins and whether a stream is ephemeral, intermittent or perennial subjects it to various riparian buffer rules and WOTUS protections. By using a variety of state-approved indicators, we are able to determine if the stream in question is protected from development and subject to federal jurisdictional protection.

Chemical Sampling and Site Monitoring

Collect Water Chemistry Data at Recreational Sites or Any Area of Concern

If you wish to measure or monitor the chemical environments of a pond, lake, or stream, Reece Environmental Consulting can provide a variety of chemical testing and services. These include water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, total suspended solids, nutrient loads, conductivity, fecal coliform, E. coli and more. This is a great way to monitor the water quality at swimming and recreational sites.

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Environmental Training and Education

Educate Staff and Personnel in Various State Biological Assessments & Procedures

We create and tailor a variety of training programs and protocols to ensure you and your staff are in compliance with your state's protocols and procedures. Whether it's training your state's biological assessment protocols, how to accurately delineate streams while being backed and confirmed by undeniable biological evidence, or giving your staff a crash course in benthic macroinvertebrate ecology to understand water quality and biological indicators, we provide confidence in your staff and assessments, improving your reputation and conveying professionalism to your clients.

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